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Graduate Program

Honda Graduate Program

When you’re in university, your entire focus is on your education. After studying for exams and attending class, there’s little time left for anything else. This usually means, though, that once you’ve graduated and you’re ready to start making some first-time purchases – like a new car – you have little to no credit history. And as most recent graduates can attest too, that makes things difficult.

The Honda Graduate Program helps recent graduates qualify for a lease on a Honda, even if they have no credit history.

You Qualify If...

  • You’re a graduate of an accredited minimum 3 or 4 year university program
  • You’re a graduate of an accredited 2 or 3 year nursing school program
  • You’re a graduate of a police or military school
  • You’re a graduate of an accredited community college (minimum 2 year program)
  • You need to have graduated within the last 12 months of an application date

We do not require a down payment, however it’s important you have no adverse credit history. We also ask for proof of full time employment and income, or written commitment from an employer with a start date within sixty days of your lease application date. Finally, we do ask to see proof of income, so we can ensure you can financially uphold all your current responsibilities, expenses with an additional vehicle payment. We do not approve payments that exceed 20% of graduate’s gross income.

Finishing post-secondary is a huge accomplishment. The Graduate Program is our way of acknowledging your hard work and helping you get approved for a vehicle lease, so transitioning into the next phase of your life is that much easier.