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You can be confident with every visit! Honda certified technicians will look after of your car. Our state-of-the-art service centre has the latest diagnostic equipment. And for every repair or replacement, we only use genuine Honda parts.  

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Whatever you need, we can take care of it. Our service menu covers minor and major services. Book an oil and filter change, break repairs, systems check, or get major parts replaced.

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Tires are one of the most important safety features of a car. They also add comfort and reduce cabin noise. But the range of tires can be overwhelming. Let us help you select the best set for your car and budget. We have more than ten brands of all-seasons, winter, and summer tires are in stock. We can special order any type of tire. Plus, get $400 in bonus offers (free) when you order!

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Genuine Honda parts fit perfectly and are long-lasting. Aftermarket or second-hand parts never last as long and could even damage your vehicle. Choose original parts every time. Our parts advisors will help you get what you need. Factory-trained and certified techs can install.

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Why service your vehicle with Honda Red Deer?

Professionalism, quality, and care

We know what it’s like to be without a car for a few hours, a day, or even longer. Our goal is to make your appointment as easy as possible. That’s why we offer the following services. And if there’s anything else we can do, please let us know!

Service loaners or shuttle rides

You don’t have to wait! Take a complimentary loaner vehicle or a shuttle ride while your vehicle is being serviced. When you book your service appointment, just mention that you need a loaner or a ride.

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We like to reward loyalty. Save at least 10% on every service (excludes Honda scheduled maintenance), parts, and accessory bill. Simply join our rewards program, the Go Card, for free. The Go Card program is part of the Go Auto App. 

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What is The Honda Maintenance Minder

The Honda Maintenance Minder helps prevent problems before they occur. Each model has its own maintenance schedule, making it easy for you to give your car the care it needs. To see all the Honda Maintenance Minder main codes and sub-codes, check your owner’s manual or ask us. 

The Honda Maintenance Minder:

  • Helps you stay on schedule with maintenance and part replacements
  • Is a smart system that uses a vehicle’s computer to indicate when a car needs servicing
  • Issues reminders or warnings that show as illuminated codes on your digital cluster
  • Comes with a document that details all the codes and their meanings. If you don’t have this document, ask us for a copy.
What does The Honda Maintenance Minder track?
  • Essentials with a maintenance code A. This includes things like engine oil life.  
  • Maintenance B reminders monitor things such as oil changes, tire rotation, brakes service, and more.  
These are the top-level Minder codes. Engine oil change (Maintenance A or Minder 0).
  • Replace engine oil and oil filter 
  • Multi point inspection: check tire pressure, horn, lights, wipers, and more 
  • Most basic but essential service for a vehicle's engine. 
Maintenance B service
  • Replace engine oil and oil filter 
  • Rotate tires 
  • Perform seasonal tire swap (only if tires are already on rims). 
  • Front and rear brake service: clean, lube, adjust, sand front and rear brakes 
  • Inspect steering and suspension components 
  • Top-up fluids. 

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Do I need to change my oil if I haven't driven my car?

Yes, you need to change your oil if your car isn’t driven for a few months, or if you constantly take short trips. This is because the oil isn’t getting hot enough to evaporate water through the exhaust (there are small traces of water in all engine oil). As well, overtime, even the highest quality engine oil will degrade.

How often do I need to change the transmission fluid in my vehicle?

We recommend changing automatic transmission fluid every 45,000 km. For a manual transmission, change it at about 40,000 km. This is sooner than most manufacturers recommend. But with today’s stop-and-start driving, along with carrying heavier loads, it’s best to change it soon. Doing so will extend the life of your transmission and make driving smoother.

How long does a brake repair take?

It takes about 90 minutes to two hours to repair a set of breaks. If you have drum brakes on your rear wheels, the repair might take a bit longer.

How long does an engine repair take?

A major repair, such as a transmission, clutch, or catalytic converter replacement can take a day or longer. Even spark plug replacement can take hours on new cars. The plugs are on the side or at the bottom of the engine and difficult to access. If you’re getting the complete engine replaced or a transmission rebuild, expect to be without your car for at least seven days, if not or longer.

What does an average transmission repair cost?

The average transmission repair cost depends on what needs fixing and vehicle model. Repairs can run from $500 to $4,500 for a regular automatic transmission. For a CVT transmission repair costs are higher. If it’s a serious issue or the transmission is damaged beyond repair, you’ll need to replace the whole transmission. Replacement costs can go up to $5,000, and more for a CVT transmission.

What mileage is major servicing?

Your first service will be at 8,000 to 10,000 kms, and then every 40,000 to 49,000 kms. See our section above on the Honda Maintenance Minder. Follow the codes for servicing intervals, and check with our Service team for more major servicing information.