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Red Deer Honda tires & parts

Genuine Honda parts are designed for a perfect fit, and to do their job for a long time. Don’t use used or aftermarket parts, which may cost less in the short-term. In the longer-term, you’ll end up spending more because use and aftermarket parts wear out faster.

Honda Red Deer’s
Tire Advantage

The Go Auto Tire Advantage makes your journey a smooth one, and a happy one, too! It gives $400 worth of bonus repairs, warranties, and more for free!

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When you buy and install four tires at Honda Red Deer, you get: 

  • 10% off your tire payment
  • 5% of your purchase price back on your Go Card
  • Two-year tire warranty
  • Free lifetime flat repair
  • Financing up to 24 months

Tire services with
Red Deer Honda

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Wheel alignment & tire balancing

Proper balancing and alignment are essential for safe driving and tire longevity.

Tire rotation

Make your tires last longer by rotating your set every 10,000 km.

Tire repair & replacement

Honda Red Deer repairs the vast majority of cuts, nails, holes, and flats. If we can't, we can replace them.

Tire inflation

Be safe and comfortable with properly inflated tires. When your tires are at the correct pressure, they will last longer, increase mileage, and improve handling.

Tire storage

Store your tires with us. We will clean and inspect your tires for wear and tear and store them in a climate-controlled facility. We’ll swap your tires for you on drop off or pick up!

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